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At YMCA NSW, we seek to positively impact the communities in which we work by providing everyone access to participate in our programs. Your gift helps us achieve this and create a sense of belonging and friendship that allows everyone to be active and feel supported in their everyday life.

Brightside | Siblings Reconnect | Swimability


Help people with
mental health issues
feel better

Last year, over 750 people took part in YMCA Brightside, a free program that helps people with mental health issues enhance their physical health, wellbeing and social engagement. This makes a positive impact on their recovery.

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Help reconnect
siblings in foster care 

Do you recall childhood moments when you and your brother or sister got up to mischief?
Today you might laugh it off. But, imagine not growing up together. In Australia today,
there are over 17,500 children in foster care with 36% of those
brothers and sisters separated, through no fault of their own.

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Help make swimming
fun for all, whatever
their ability.

People with disabilities often require specially qualified swimming instructors or accessible facilities to enjoy the benefits of swimming. YMCA NSW provides this support to over 1,700 people with disabilities each year through our SwimAbility program. You can help improve access to the skills needed to enjoy the water safely and ensure children, young people and adults become healthier, happier and more connected – whatever the ability.

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