YMCA Brightside
Healthier, happier, connected people



How does a great exercise session make you feel?

We know exercising activates your endorphins and leaves you experiencing a happy ‘high’ or ‘buzz’ sensation. Some even call it euphoria.
And, what if you exercised with a group of like-minded people?

Shared experiences connect us and you can help someone with a mental health issue feel better.

Research suggests that exercise improves the health and wellbeing of people with mental health issues ¹ ². With one in five Australians experiencing a mental health issue related symptom in the last 12 months, it’s more important than ever ³.

YMCA Brightside is a free program that helps people with mental health issues enhance their physical health, wellbeing and social engagement.

This makes a positive impact on their recovery.

The program includes:

  • 60 days of unlimited access to a fitness facility
  • Weekly one on one time with a fitness professional
  • Unlimited access to group exercise classes
  • ‘Buddy membership’ for a friend, family member, or support worker to attend with the participant free of charge

Last year, over 750 people in NSW took part in Brightside.

Please help YMCA NSW continue this important program.
Donations $2 and over are tax deductable. 


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