Siblings Reconnect
The Original Social Network



Do you recall childhood moments when you and your brother or sister got up to mischief?

Today you might laugh it off. But, imagine not growing up together.

In Australia today, there are over 17,500 children¹ in foster care with 36%² of those brothers and sisters separated, through no fault of their own.

The YMCA NSW reconnects siblings in foster care.

Siblings Reconnect is a program at Camp Yarramundi where we provide space for brothers and sisters who are living in separate foster care placements to get together, away from the formality of short visits supervised by case workers.

Siblings Reconnect gives children a chance to play, have fun together and share stories and experiences.  In this way we help sow the seeds of strong sibling relationships that will last a lifetime.

Please help YMCA NSW keep brothers and sisters together.
Donations $2 and over are tax deductable. 


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